Monday, May 19, 2014

Best Pinoy Rock -metal- ft. slapshock,kezo,chicosci,greyhounds



Greyhoundz - Pigface.

Chicosci - Paris

Slapshock - Agent Orange

Cheese - Mottaka

Mr. PIG - Greyhoundz.

Chicosci - A Promise (rough)

Slapshock - Queen Paranoia

Cheese-Monkeys (Pilipinas)

Greyhoundz - Koro

Chicosci - Diamond Shotgun

Slapshock - Get Away

Queso - Enes.

Greyhoundz   Your Puppet And Your Clown

Chicosci - Last Look

Slapshock - Wake Up

Queso - Parusa

Greyhoundz - Doble Kara

chicosci - seven black roses

Slapshock - Evil Clown

Chicosci - Raspberry_ Girl

Queso - 10x Karma

Greyhoundz - Apoy

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